Fun Photo of Cupilor

CupilorCUPILOR (2007 Dutch Warmblood)

Lupicor (Lux) x Edison x Nimmerdor x Courville

Cupilor is our try-harder boy.  Last year he was a top competitor in the California five-year-old young jumper division with a host of blue ribbons and a Zone VIII Horse of the Year Award. This year in his (only) two weeks at HITS Thermal, he won all four of his six-year-old classes. Cupilor is an over-achiever and allergic to wood as this photo illustrates! He is a favorite of Michelle, who scouted him out at Branscomb Farm in Northern California. KC Branscomb imported Cupilor from Europe as a yearling, and Michelle acquired him as a three-year-old and has brought him along to his current stage of development. At his very first show at Showpark he acquired an instant fan club. Cupilor comes from sterling bloodlines and all of us at Cross Creek Farms have high hopes this talented youngster will transform into a top competitor.

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