12-CrCrk-038Cross Creek Farms is located east of Tucson, Arizona, on a 100 acre property close to town but secluded and pastoral. The acreage is divided in two by Sabino Creek, one of Tucson’s last viable riparian streams and the inspiration for the farm name. Cross Creek is owned by Carol Parker, mother of top rider/trainer Michelle Parker who is now based in San Marcos, California. This peaceful Arizona farm provides a haven for Michelle’s deserving old campaigners, now retired and enjoying a life of leisure.

CCF is also the home of a small breeding program utilizing select broodmares, competitive horses in their own right, that are being selectively bred to quality stallions. In 2011 Cross Creek imported the exceptional Holsteiner stallion Clintord I from Europe to be developed into an international caliber mount for Michelle, and he is now the sire of choice for the CCF breeding program going forwards.

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  1. Hello, I found Clintord I on your site; He was 2 years in my place before he was sold to you . I have different daughters and sons of 2 years old in my place and they look amazing : Nice, good jumping and next year for sure one or two approved stallions by Clintord
    if you’re in belgium once, please visit us to see the offspring
    best regards,
    luk Van Puymbroeck

    • Hi Luk, Glad to hear of more outstanding Clintord babies. Thanks for getting touch and please continue to let us know how they do growing up! We have 3 weanlings here born in 2013, 2 colts and a filly and they look like their sire, even to the blaze wider at the bottom! Michelle does travel to Belgium occasionally so will be sure to make contact next time.

  2. Can you please contact me regarding your property? I have a few questions. I heard of you through Leah. Thank you so much b

  3. I owned Acapulco for about 6 years, then he went back to your farm. I loved that boy and wonder if he is still alive and how he’s doing?

    • He’s doing just fine – fat and happy and the same every day. Never a problem. Not sure how old he is though. I’ll try to remember to snap a photo of him for you.

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