2 thoughts on “CBPP_20130505_SanMarcos-1121-Mstr

  1. Hallo ,
    I have a top talent from Clintord I.
    You can see him on http://www.holsteinerhoeve.be .
    His name is Clintoni ( Clintord x calato x maltia ( the grandmother of Cascal stamm 890 ) .
    If you want , I can breed with clintord .
    I have very good mares .
    I have charming lady ( candilo x caletto I x hilgunde , the familie of Clintord ) .

    Vermeersch luc

    • He is beautiful and talented. Still a stallion? Thanks so much for sharing. We do have frozen semen stored for Clintord I, so if you want to pursue some breedings we can make arrangements:-) I’m not sure of the procedure for shipping from the US to Europe.

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